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The men in our group recognize that domestic and sexual violence are a cancer in our culture. We believe that men can and must be a force in transforming our communities. It’s not somebody else’s problem; it’s our problem. Eric Eggan, Co-Chairman


Our mission is to raise awareness of the vital domestic and sexual violence services provided by The Center for Empowerment and Education through the involvement of male community leaders who will lead by example and take a stand against abuse.

The men in our group recognize that domestic and sexual violence is pervasive in our society. Violence against individuals and families occurs every day in every community; large and small, rural and urban, and within families that are affluent and impoverished. The toll is staggering. One in three individuals and families have experienced physical violence by an intimate partner. One in five individuals and families will be sexually assaulted during their lifetime. It should come as no surprise that the majority of these crimes are perpetrated by men. We believe the problem is not somebody else’s problem – it’s everyone’s problem. And we must take a stand against this violence.

  • We recognize that men have a responsibility to help other men do better.
  • We hold ourselves and others accountable for the problem.
  • We’ve learned that domestic and sexual violence are stereotypes that lead to violence and are learned behaviors that can be changed through education.
  • We challenge sexist comments and jokes directed at women or other at risk communities.
  • When we suspect violence, we speak up. We know that silence is a form of consent, and that we, as a society, and especially as men, have been silent too long.


If you are interested in becoming a member of our Men Against Domestic & Sexual Violence group, please contact


Eric J. Eggan, Esq.
Co-Chair, Arbitration & Mediation, Eggan Law, PLLC

Dr. Paul Feidler

Co-Chair, Pathologist, Nuvance Health Medical Group

Greg Pepin

C0-Chair, CPA, Partner, Reynolds & Rowella, LLP

Matt Austin
Education & ACT OUT Coordinator, The Center

Dr. William Begg III
Vice President of Medical Affairs, Emergency Department, Vassar Brothers Medical Center

John Berisford
President, S & P Global Ratings

Senator Richard Blumenthal
U.S. Senate

David Cappiello
President, Capitol Hill Group, LLC

Ethan Carey
Morning Radio Show Host, i95 FM

Dr. Joseph Cleary
Retired Physician

Paul Dinto
President & CEO, Paul Dinto Electrical Contractors

Monte Frank, Esq.
Pullman & Comley Attorneys, LLC

Hillel Goldman, Esq.
Attorney, Collins Hannafin, P.C.

Irv Goldstein
CEO, Berkshire Broadcasting

Noel Hord
Co-Founder, The Hord Foundation

Matthew Knickerbocker
First Selectman, Town of Bethel

Joe Loth
Head Football Coach, Western Connecticut State University

Rudy Marconi
First Selectman, Town of Ridgefield

Gary Michael
Owner, Michael & Michael

Robin Montgomery
Retired Chief of Police, Brookfield Police Department

Stephen G. Rosentel
CPA, President, Leahy’s Fuels, Inc.

John Royce
Co-Owner, Fairfield Caterers

Thomas J. Saadi, Esq.
CT Commissioner of Veterans Affairs & Justice of the Peace

Andy Sachs
Realtor, Keller Williams

Fred Savenelli, LPC
Clinical Supervisor, Family Study Center

Jeremy Stein
Executive Director, CT Against Gun Violence

Paul Steinmetz
Director, University & Community Relations, Western Connecticut State University