Working to end violence

Our prevention education programs aim to affect children’s behavior over the trajectory of their school years, beginning in Pre-K or kindergarten, and extending over multiple years of students’ academic careers. Programs are age appropriate, corresponding to behaviors and situations that commonly arise at predicted points of students’ growth and experience. Our goal is to provide multi-tiered programming for students, so that prevention education programs are ongoing throughout the academic year. We focus our education efforts on younger populations where the greatest opportunity exists to prevent a child from developing a vulnerability of becoming either a victim or perpetrator of abuse, as well as providing education to teachers and parents, so they can reinforce concepts and help build protective factors in children.

Our curricula are designed to reach these goals:

  • Reduce the risk of victimization
  • Prevent perpetration of abuse
  • Build personal and environmental factors that protect an individual from ever developing the vulnerability to become a victim or perpetrator of abuse (primary prevention)
  • Address the societal roots of violence

In addition to our in person programs, our education department produces  educational video content which can be found on our YouTube Channel and on Tik Tok.

Our education programs are 100% self-funded through various fundraising activities. To ensure these programs and services can continue, please consider making a donation. Thank you for your support as we continue “Working to end the violence.”

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If you are interested in scheduling a youth education program, please contact Michele Cousens, our Education Coordinator, at