Working to end violence

Support our Work to End the Violence

It is thanks to the support of people like you that The Center for Empowerment and Education is able to provide free and confidential services to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and other major life challenges.

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$1000 Can provide one week of emergency shelter and support at Patricia House for a mother and her children forced to flee from domestic or sexual violence in their homes.


$500 Can provide ten sessions of a domestic violence support group with two facilitators. Or can provide a child victim of sexual assault with ten individual counseling sessions with a certified Child Advocate.


$250 Can help so many by providing approximately two weeks of “after hour” counseling and support in the middle of the night for victims of sexual assault. Or can provide five counseling sessions to a person experiencing a painful divorce.


$100 Can provide a prevention program in a local school to help keep our children safe. Or can provide two individual counseling sessions for a victim of domestic violence.


$50 Will help us purchase food and supplies for our shelter.


$25 Will help us to purchase HART bus passes or gift cards to area grocery and department stores for our shelter residents.

Thankful to have participated in Health Products For You 2018 Giving Day Program.