Working to end violence


It is part of our mission to help eradicate violence in as many ways as possible. Our Education, Training, and Outreach department operates from the knowledge that education and awareness can prevent or reduce violence in our communities.

More than 28,000 adults and children benefit from The Center for Empowerment and Education education and training programs annually. Our programs are provided to a wide range of audiences, from pre-school children to senior citizens. All curricula can be modified to meet specific needs, and customize programs to suit the age group and special interests of the particular audience. With the exception of professional trainings, all programs are free of charge.

All educators are certified domestic violence and sexual assault counselors in accordance with CT law CGS 52-146k. This gives our programs the added benefits, when necessary, of responding immediately to individual participants who are victims and facilitating a smooth transition for continuing services at our agency.

• Preschool to 1st Grade puppetry, art, music, story-telling to teach children how to be safe
• 2nd to 5th Grade bullying, respect, boundaries and body safety
• Middle & High School empowerment, leadership, healthy relationships
• College campus safety, training for fraternity/sorority organizations, athletes, residential halls

• Parent & Community Adults Programs parental trainings, specialized sessions for seniors
• Educators & Child Care Professionals trauma and domestic violence sensitivity training
• Corporate Programs sexual harassment, domestic violence, and other programs
• Healthcare Providers response to domestic violence & sexual assault cases


Domestic Violence 101 Training at Joe’s Salon with our Adult Educator/Trainer Johanna