Working to end violence

The Center for Empowerment and Education provides a safe and secure environment for victims of domestic and sexual violence. The Center’s 13-bed shelter, Patricia House, offers refuge for individuals and families fleeing from the danger of violence in their own homes.

Emergency housing is provided for individuals and families on a 24-hour, 7 days a week basis for victims who are fleeing domestic and sexual violence. During their stay, residents receive counseling, advocacy and assistance in rebuilding their lives and planning their future.

  • Residential Counselor Advocates assist in re-establishing clients and their children with housing, schooling, job training and employment.
  • Individual counseling, support group counseling and case management is offered for women and children who reside in Patricia House.
  • Advocacy on behalf of domestic violence and sexual assault victims is provided at hospitals, police departments, courts, and other outside agencies to help support and empower each client while they rebuild their future.

Emergency shelter is available for men at a separate, confidential location.

The Center provides a 24-hour hotline dedicated to domestic violence. Contact our hotline if you or someone you love is fleeing from abuse.

“I only knew you briefly (21 days), but what you have done will last a lifetime. You and the shelter were the bridge that carried me across to safety and a new life. I will think of you all as my blanket and hope to eventually be a volunteer and pass on your warmth and compassion. I thank you once . . . twice . . . a million times.”

–  The Center Survivor