I have owned Joe’s Hair Salon in New Milford for over 35 years, employing about 25 people, most of whom are women. After I started to get more involved in the Center and realized what they had to offer, I found out that some of my employees had over the years reached out for counseling and advocacy help. I had no idea how broad the services were. Sitting on the Board for six years enabled me to get to know the people behind the desks, the volunteers, and their tireless efforts to get the word out to help end the violence. Our Salon participated in a training session with the Center on what signs to look for in a victim of abuse, and the tools with which to respond in a non-judgmental way. This type of education is crucial for every again every work setting.

I chose to support this Campaign because I want every woman, man, child to know that their voice will be heard, that there is a safe place to go when in need, and that there are trained professionals ready to help. This Campaign will allow more funding to go to educating in the schools and other organization, provide a new modern transition facility in a safe location, and secure an endowment for the future.

I am hoping that as the Center grows, the 13 towns the Center serves will be well aware of its offerings. I am hopeful that victims will no longer fear a stigma attached to them – that they will not be afraid to speak out. I am hopeful that more people will donate time and money to help end the violence. My husband James and I have one daughter and one granddaughter. Our hope is that their world becomes less fearful, and that they stay encouraged to speak up and speak out.


Linde has been impressed with the services, educational training and counseling that is offered by the Women’s Center at no cost. But more importantly, we continue to be impressed by the dedication and commitment of the leaders and staff. The Women’s Center does so much with so little. They provide such a wide variety of services and educational opportunities for victims and families. They work tirelessly to support those going through very difficult personal situations and fight hard to advocate for victim’s rights. And again, they provide free services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Giving back is a core value at Linde, and our leaders and employees live this every day through their financial support and volunteering hours. Through our Global Giving and Community Engagement programs, Linde donates more than $6M and supports over 300 Community Engagement projects worldwide each year.

The Women’s Center programs fill an essential and underserved need to support those in the community who find themselves in distress. The Center relies on donations for over half its operating funds. We encourage without hesitation anyone who has an interest to donate or volunteer. As a donor and/or volunteer, your time and money go a long way in ensuring the Women’s Center can continue providing free services to those who need it. We hope the Women’s Center will continue to enhance its ability to support the expanding needs of the community in times of crisis. This Campaign is one way to ensure that funds are available to achieve this objective.