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CEE also offers safe and secure housing options for women and children, and secondary emergency housing solutions.

CEE provides a safe and secure environment for victims of domestic and sexual violence. CEE’s shelter, Patricia House, offers refuge for individuals and families fleeing from the danger of violence in their own homes.

Support Advocates and Housing Case Managers assist in re-establishing clients and their children with housing, schooling, job training and employment. Individual counseling, support group counseling and case management is offered for women and children who reside in Patricia House. Advocacy on behalf of domestic violence and sexual assault victims is provided at hospitals, police departments, courts, and other outside agencies to help support and empower each client while they rebuild their future.

CEE provides a 24-hour hotline dedicated to domestic violence. Contact our hotline if you or someone you love is fleeing from abuse.

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Ongoing Counseling Services

We offer individual short-term counseling for adults and children to navigate the trauma of violence. We also offer ongoing support groups for victims of interpersonal violence. Support groups are offered through virtual and in person at various locations.

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Awareness Months

The Center for Empowerment and Education is proud to acknowledge and participate in the following months of awareness each year:

Human Trafficking Awareness Month

Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month (TDVAM)

Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM)

Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM)

These awareness months are an easy and effective way for the community to get involved in our work and to support CEE. We welcome you to participate in our upcoming events and initiatives. Awareness months helps us spread word about our free and confidential services, and also help us educate our community on our issues.

Below to see the different events and initiatives we have done.

2019 Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month (TDVAM)


Event Descriptions

2018 Domestic Violence Awareness Month


Event Descriptions

2019 Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Information and Referrals

If you are in need of additional support to address other needs while receiving services, we can connect you to other community-based resources to help meet your needs.


Advocacy is provided to individuals with the goal of supporting, guiding, and safety planning around unhealthy relationships and dangerous situations. Safety planning for someone involved in an abusive relationship is a necessary and important step. Planning can be done for those still with their abuser as well as for those whose relationship has ended. Advocacy is available on-site at CEE headquarters, as well as our offices at Western Connecticut State University and Danbury Superior Court. Advocacy is also available at hospitals and police departments within our service area.

Support Groups

Joining support groups may lessen feelings of isolation, helplessness, and provide feelings of community. In support groups, clients and survivors are provided an opportunity to learn from each other and to express their own experience for a collective understanding.

These groups meet on a regular basis.

  • Breaking the Silence – a weekly evening group for adult female survivors of sexual abuse or sexual assault.
  • Guys’ Group – a weekly evening group for men who have experienced unhealthy or abusive relationships.
  • SOAR (Survivors Overcoming Abusive Relationships) – a weekly evening group for female survivors of domestic violence or intimate partner abuse.
  • Thrive – a weekly morning or afternoon group for women looking for support around relationship issues or past trauma; this group is also offered in Spanish and Portuguese in the evening.
  • Voices of Courage – a weekly evening group for adult male survivors of sexual abuse or sexual assault.
  • Your Best Life – a weekly late afternoon group offering tools for coping.
  • Contemporary workshops are held throughout the year.
  • Attorney Series – clinics and workshops to provide legal advice and assistance on family law.
  • Financial Education Series – workshops to provide information and tools for managing finances.
  • [Healing Trauma Through Writing graphic]


  • Girl Talk – an 8-week support group for young college women conducted at Western Connecticut State University.
  • I AM OK! – a 7-week workshop focused on fostering individual self-esteem and anxiety management.
  • Project Be – a 7-week support group series for girls ages 14-17 focusing on empowerment, healthy relationships and safe choices.

Where we Help

CEE is available to help anyone, though we focus on the following towns and zip codes.

Success Story

Just about a year ago, CEE was very excited for the momentous day when the keys to their new residential building, Patricia House for women and children fleeing violence would be handed over. Day after day, Patricia House received deliveries of linens, kitchen goods, toys, and more.

Prevention Education

Our Prevention Educators and Trainers operate from the knowledge that education and awareness can prevent or reduce violence in our communities.

CEE Mission

Our mission is to break the cycle of interpersonal violence through empowerment, education and support services utilizing inclusive, trauma-informed, and client-centered practices for all individuals in the community.

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The Center for Empowerment and Education (CEE) provides a safe and secure environment for victims of domestic and sexual violence.